Author: Nick Rider

I am a freelance travel and feature writer, editor and translator of Spanish and Catalan, based in London, UK. I’ve written whole guidebooks, one on Northern France and another on the Yucatan and southern Mexico, for which I spent many months seeking out pyramids in heat-struck villages and counting pelicans against the sky. I’ve also contributed as writer and/or editor to many other books on Spain, France, Mexico, the UK and other parts of the world for Time Out, Dorling Kindersley, Insight Guides, Michelin Guides and other publishers, and written for the Guardian, New Statesman, The Sunday Times, inflight magazines such as Let’s Go (Ryanair) and German Wings, and other outlets. And I’ve reviewed more restaurants for Time Out’s London Eating & Drinking Guide than I can count.

Saturday Afternoon outside the Malls of Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the state capital of Chiapas, is not one of Mexico’s great colonial cities loaded with old-style charm and historic architecture, traditional images to provide an irresistible draw to tourists – much to its regret. Every so often, Chiapas’ politicians and state officials – nearly all of whom live in Tuxtla – express a vague annoyance […]

Impressions from the Another Europe is Possible stand on Tottenham High Road

The European Union is an unlovable institution. For a quick rundown of all its faults, try Larry Elliott’s analysis in the link at the end of this paragraph. However, in the current campaign/whatever you want to call it in Britain, this has almost become beside the point – what matters are the actual alternatives, yes or […]

Cuban Bizarre: the foreigner’s room at the Cathedral of Ice-Cream

Catch Cuba while it’s still there, people say… Get a taste of the island and its revolutionary quirks before the opening-up of relations with the USA sweeps all its strange tropical-Soviet otherworldliness away, and it becomes just like any other country, like… (what? In this part of the world, maybe, the Dominican Republic, that shining success story).  Cuba […]

Journeys to the Bizarre: the Basilica of Palmar de Troya

You first see it as you come down a long slope, rising up ahead of you out of the sunflower fields of Andalusia like a CGI-created palace in some post-Tolkien fantasy movie. Closer up, its gleaming maroon-and-white domes and eight strange towers have a look that’s more a mix of local Andaluz baroque, Buddhist stupas, […]

Blood, Guts and Bonheur: the world black pudding championships

Ruddy-black slices of sausage stand neatly piled up across plate after plate on long tables, in a sports hall on a Saturday morning in mid-March. Around 10am little groups of four or five people take their seats at one end of each table, and arrange their papers, and their forks. They have work to do, […]

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