Author: Nick Rider

I am a freelance travel and feature writer, editor and translator of Spanish and Catalan, based in London, UK. I’ve written whole guidebooks, one on Northern France and another on the Yucatan and southern Mexico, for which I spent many months seeking out pyramids in heat-struck villages and counting pelicans against the sky. I’ve also contributed as writer and/or editor to many other books on Spain, France, Mexico, the UK and other parts of the world for Time Out, Dorling Kindersley, Insight Guides, Michelin Guides and other publishers, and written for the Guardian, New Statesman, The Sunday Times, inflight magazines such as Let’s Go (Ryanair) and German Wings, and other outlets. And I’ve reviewed more restaurants for Time Out’s London Eating & Drinking Guide than I can count.

Fresh out of the museum blocks: The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya, Mérida, Yucatán

Whether or not you believe that something very special/awful/whatever is due to happen when the Maya Great Calendar Cycle ends on 21 December 2012, for the Yucatán’s capital of Mérida it will have one lasting presence: a brand new and very state of the art museum, the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. Pushed through by […]

Birthplace of the spud, patata, papa or potato: Isla Chiloé, Chile

The island of Chiloé in southern Chile is not a place that promotes itself very aggressively in the world, but it is quietly proud of having given the entire world the potato. History traditionally holds that potatoes were first domesticated around 10,000 years ago in southern Peru and Bolivia, where they were first encountered by […]

Valparaíso Fish

Foodie reasons for visiting Chile, number 1: fish and seafood Firstly, because they’re so good, and the centre of much the most interesting Chilean food; and second, because, at least for anyone from the Northern/Atlantic hemispheres, they’re so fascinatingly new and unfamiliar. The most popular fish are reineta, congrío and corvina, and a star among the range of shellfish are machas. […]

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